Often we hear people talk about Surprise, but for what exactly?

The new unconditional app for your online shopping, among + 500 partners in the app. Adding to that it is very easy to use and you gain money on your shopping ! It seems like a dream, but you know sometimes dreams comes true ? Yes you basically get paid to do your shopping that's right, that's Surprise 🎁 !

Very easy to use, it is now essential for all the shopping addict :) !

Guess what? This is only one side of Surprise...keep reading if you want to know all of our secrets 😉 !

Even if shopping remains one of our favorite activities, let's admit that preparing a trip is so much more fun 😄 !  That's true, who doesn't like picturing himself on a beach in the Carribean?

That is not pretty to lie Pinocchio, enough your nose is getting bigger! Yes you too you're dreaming of it there is nothing wrong about it ! Even the opposite 😄🌴 !  

What if Surprise could help you to make your dream come true? What if you could travel the world while earning money booking your trip ? Breathe and let me explain 😄 !

At Surprise we have more than 100 travel partners going from airline companies, hotels, campings, car rentals and so on...! In few words, it is possible to plan your trip from A to Z with Surprise and for every budget!

                                                Want to know more, right ?

Who are these partners ?

  1. Transportation

Among our various partners, we can count on airline companies for your holidays. At Surprise we want you all to be happy that is why we thought of everyone and all the budgets 😄 ! It is for this reason that among our partners in the airlines we do have low cost airlines for short flights mostly European flights and other companies for long-distance such as flights going to the US or Asia.  Discover the entire list in our app Surprise.

Not a big fan of the plane? Don't worry we did found other partners for you to go and to enjoy your dream vacation 😄 ! That's true the plane isn't made for everyone; some people are scared of it when for others, the flight back can be complicated...! That is not an easy thing to go back to work after the holidays but especially very complicated for a shopping addict to bring back a suitcase full of memories in the flight back 🙈 !

"Trust me, I do remember the additional fee of $400 I had for my suitcases at Salt Lake City airport."

To avoid that issue to all the people that even if they won't admit it are the same 😉, we have partners for who the weight of your suitcases is not an issue!

Let's be serious a minute, that is also a very good way to save up money and to travel as a group than to rent a car, take a bus or the train among one of our partners 😉 !

To resume, you have access to a lot of options via Surprise for your vacations according to your budget and your preferences.               Everyone can found his happiness at Surprise 😄 !

2. Housing

Going in vacation is good but don't you need a place to stay when you arrive? Lucky you, we also have a long list of hotels in the app (don't try to trap us, that is a worldwide selection). You have a 100% chance to found the best fit for your vacation according to your taste. Booking.com & Hotels.com are both offering a large selection of hotels worldwide for every budget. We are now proud to count the Marriott group as a partner with 30 hotel chains, perfect to relax in a luxury hotel before going back to work.

For those who enjoy better being on vacation with all the comfort of home, Abritel (the equivalent of the french Airbnb) is also available! Perfect for your vacation in France and in Europe.

3. Activities

Last but not least, we do have a selection of partners for all of your activities during your vacation, perfect if you want to go to a park of attraction, a concert or any other cultural activity.  Tiqets is ideal to found museums and attractions worldwide.  

To sum up

  • Surprise is not only a shopping application but it is also a good tool to plan your trips and discover the world
  • More than a 100 travel partners
  • For vacation all around the world
  • Whatever your budget, you can book your holidays via Surprise.
  • You can even book your activities among the partners of Surprise
  • You win a lot more Surprise points by booking your vacation on Surprise than by buying your favorite pair of sneakers 😄 !

When you realize that booking your trip with Surprise is going to blow your Surprise points 🎁 !

To download Surprise on iOS and Android it's here, if you want to discover all the secrets of the app read the article here.