After reading our article about how to earn money, you think that Surprise doesn't have any secrets for you, don't you ? However, our Chrome extension still has some secrets that you need to discover...! You are about to gain even more Surprise points thanks to the extension. The best part about it ? You won't even realize it and do not need to think about it!

"I booked my holidays on booking and without knowing it I received 20€ in Surprise points thanks to the extension installed on my computer. I received a notification and by then my points in the app during my holidays. Such a good Surprise 😁 !" Emma - Surprise user

But what is an extension ?  To sum up it is an application that you can integrate in your web navigator adding to the one already present in your phone! The extension allow you to be notify each time you have the possibility to win Surprise points. Once set up in your computer, no need to think about it, you just have to activate your Surprise points.

Pretty cool no ? 😎

How to install the extension? You just need to go to the Chrome web store and to download the extension.

On your first installation, the surprise extension will show you a QR code that allows you to link your extension to your app! 😉

Scan this QR code with your app

Open the app, go to your account (4th logo at the bottom) then "settings" and click on "extension". Don't panic, you just need to do it once 😉!  

Here, Surprise should ask you to access to your camera; it's better to scan the QR code! Then the extension is connecter to your account!

Here we go, the extension is connected ! You can now start to collect your Surprise points 🤑 !

What is next? Once the extension is present in your chrome navigator, you can start collecting automatically your surprise points on your shopping without having to think about it or opening the app.

With the google chrome extension, we remind you directly the amount of Surprise points you can collect from your google search.

The key points to make sure your extension is on ?

  1. Once the extension is set up you can see all the brands available and especially we notice you if you can win Surprise points. You just have to activate your Surprise points by clicking on the button when it appear on your screen.

2. Do your shopping et check if the extension is "ON" on the right top corner of your computer at the moment of payment.

3. Once your shopping done, receive your surprise points directly in the app. The app and the extension are constantly connected.

Link to download the app -> here

Little bonus ? For you to be more comfortable during your shopping you can choose a brand in the app and open it directly on your computer, you activate the Surprise point and hop enjoy your shopping!

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