Sandblock has launched Surprise app some months ago and after some improvements, updates and brands adding, it’s time to download it and use it everyday while you’re shopping!

As of today, the Surprise app is available for all on iOS and Android as well as on desktop with the Chrome extension! You can read this article to understand how our extension works!

We’re glad to present you the application that will helps customers and brands in their shopping process as well as to take care of the customers’ relationship. 👌

You can use our app from now on to earn money from your online shopping!

How to use the Surprise app?

1. Download the app (iOS and Android)

Download it!

It’s free and easy. Surprise will be your everyday’s shopping partner! Our app is already compatible with 500+ brands and we add more brands everyday!

2. Register an account

Nothing easier, one-click registration with Google or Facebook, or with a email/password combo. Nothing more is required but you can still build up your profile with your personal information to earn more Surprise Points in the future!

A little explanation of what are these Surprise Points at the end of this post 😇

3. Browse brands and shop

The app will present you the 500+ brands available for rewards, choose or search your brand and begin your shopping as you usually do. The app will manage automatically the distribution of rewards after your purchase.

Your brand isn’t available? Call them out and we’ll work on their integration within our consortium!

4. Refer your friends!

It’s easy: 3€ per referred users and 20% of their buying rewards, forever..! 💸

Let’s take a little example!

You refer 3 friends: you earn 9€. 2 of your friends are shopping addicts and spend more than 300€ by month. With a 5% tokensback globally your friends will earn 15€/month each and you’ll get 6€/month! (1 year after, 81€ in Surprise Points, which can increase in value…)

If you’re a beast of referrals program, you’ll refer 20 shopping addicts. 60€/month for doing nothing more than letting your friends shop online! (1 year after, 720€… in Surprise Points, which can increase in value!)

Money will flow in your pocket!

5. Download the Chrome extension

With the Chrome extension, you’ll be able to get Surprise Points directly from your desktop’s purchase. Our extension is seamlessly sync with your app!

Surprise’s Chrome extension
Little warning: Surprise needs cookies to manage your rewards so your adblocker should be disabled or Surprise’s links should be whitelisted!

6. Earn your first rewards! 💰

To try our application fully you can make your first purchase with one of our numerous partner brands! Just go on the app, search your brand and make your shopping as you usually do.

Your Surprise Points will be shown just after the checkout in your application!
Donald Duck is counting his Surprise Points and not you?!

Surprise Points?

Our mechanism is pretty easy, you'll be rewarded with Surprise Points, not directly euros, dollars or anything else. We'll make a post to explain clearly what Surprise Points are but for now, you just need to know that their value can change (in terms of euros for example) and that you're able to convert them directly to euros or whatever currency you want! 😄

And for those who are already crypto-addict, Surprise Points is an ERC-20 token and you'll be able to check this article [tba] explaining why our product will strive seamlessly the crypto adoption!

You’re all set for earning Surprise Points from your online shopping! 🚀 Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback and we hope that you'll enjoy your shopping journey with us!

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