You should now be aware that we offer a reward app for smartphones as well as a Chrome extension? Great! But do you know how to use all their features? Some of them are very practical but a little hidden!

We bet you didn’t know these little tricks about our app!

Search a product 🔍

You can search for a product rather than a brand in the app.

Try to search “red dress” for example, it will show you the list of all the stores that offer your product! 👗

Even better: you can click on a shop and see a direct preview of some products!

Open on desktop 💻

From the app, you can search for your products or brands and then do your shopping from a computer by clicking on “Open on desktop”.

Thanks to the extension, previously installed, the brand website will open on your Chrome session and the Surprise points will be activated seamlessly! 🤭

Earn more Surprise points! 💯

You can track your achievements to unlock better rewards.

These achievements allow you to level up your account and unlock bonuses, it’s important! There are 3 of them actually, but if you’re a monster, we’ll add new levels especially for you 😄

Level 1 — Member

You get +10% on each of your purchases. Actions are pretty simple: signing up (normally it’s already done if you’re here), install the plugin and send your referral link. 😇

Level 2 — VIP Member

You get +15% on each of your purchases! But before that, you’ll need to validate 25€ rewards and have 3 active friends, so send your referral link everywhere!!😉

Level 3 — F***ing Rich Member 🤑

You’re a monster. You’ve validated 100€ rewards and have 10 active friends! Other actions are easy for you.

➡ You can go to your Profile page to complete them and earn more and more Surprise points! 🚀

Click on the gift 🎁

Are you tired of shaking your phone to display your balance?

You can simply click on the gift: it will shake itself thanks to magic! 🧙‍♂️

You want more surprises? 🎉

You can try to complete your profile information…

…maybe it’ll be used to prepare even more special surprises just for you! 🤩

Who doesn’t want to earn 3€ and more? 💰

Inviting your friends can be very lucrative.

It’s a simple way to sustain your wallet for even more shopping! 🛍 A referred friend brings you 3€ and as if that wasn’t enough, you will also earn 20% of his rewards, lifetime! 🤑

It pays to have friends with Surprise. 😉

You can share your referral link on social media to earn even more!

Follow Surprise’s social channels to stay tuned!