Surprise can mean a lot but for us, it’s a perfect definition of our product! 😊

Surprise is a gift

Surprise act as a gift. We’re giving Surprise Points to users who do their shopping online, with our partner brands. That alone is in accordance with our application name: we surprise the customer by rewarding him when he makes a purchase!

With Surprise Points, you can get more gifts, more surprises!

Moreover, “surprise” covers all the cryptocurrencies ecosystem, the state of the market, the volatility and all the major events. The cryptocurrencies ecosystem is itself a surprise: we don’t know where it will be or what it will be able to do in the future.

Everything is a surprise. 😋
Reminder: our application name “Surprise” must be pronounced in the French way. So, pronounce it \syʁ.pʁiz\.

“Surprise is the feeling caused by something unexpected or unusual”

It’s not usual to be paid to spend money on the internet. In fact, a lot of random internet people will tell you the opposite, but it’s probably a scam.

With cashback systems, that have been in existence for years, you’re not really surprised about your rewards, it's always the same 😌. But in the case of the Surprise application, it can quickly become a game.

tl;dr Surprise will surprise you more than any existing cashback system. It’s a fact, sorry.

With the Surprise application, any user will be rewarded on his purchases, ok. But on top of that, there’s the evolution of the points’ value, ok. But in addition to all this, Surprise will surprise its users with a totally different process, such as multi-level referrals program or mini games, on the app or outside, to help brands acquire new users and understand better their customers.

Imagine one thing. You referred a friend 1 year ago and this friend have a friend who is friends with an influencer. (yes, there's a lot of "friend" 😂)

This influencer referred all his community and overnight, your life change. You begin to earn more Surprise Points that you’ll ever be able to spend, isn’t that a surprise?

You, when you receive thousands of Surprise Points in minutes
We, at Surprise, have a lot of things in preparation to surprise you more and more every day. And you’ll know them only if you follow our project and our progress! 🤗

Now you won’t ask why we call our application “Surprise” anymore, and you’ll wait until you get some surprises, right? We hope you enjoyed this article, and you can begin to have some surprises with our app! 🚀

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